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Bio-works product brochure



Prepacked OptioBio columns for small-scale purifications and process development

- Eriksson, K., Heijbel, A. & Haneskog, L.

Increased lifetime of RPC resins in insulin production by clean-up using WorkBeads 40S

- Eriksson, K., Heijbel, A. & Haneskog, L.

Easy optimization of His-tagged protein purification

- Eriksson, K., Heijbel, A. & Haneskog, L.

BabyBio columns with excellent resolution and high capacities

- Eriksson, K., Heijbel, A. & Haneskog, L.

The use of an agarose-based ion-exchange resin in the purification of a 45-amino acid residue peptide

- Haneskog, L. & Berglöf, J.

Purification of lactoferrin from low-fat bovine milk by cation-exchange chromatography

- Eriksson, K., Engstrand, C. & Haneskog, L.

BabyBio A - Novel columns for antibody purification

- Tawe J., Engstrand C., Mesas L., Linde A,. & Haneskog L.

WorkBeads Protein A - Novel media for antibody purification

- Tawe, J., Engstrand, C., Mesas L., Linde A., & Haneskog, L.

Fast and efficient screening of binding conditions for cation-exchange chromatography

- Engstrand, C. & Haneskog, L.

Desalting and buffer exchange of protein solutions

- Eriksson, K., Tawe J. & Haneskog, L.