Our new generation of advanced
agarose based purification solutions

Bio-Works started 2006. The company designs, develops, manufactures and supplies innovative leading edge products for purification and separation of proteins or other molecules.

Bio-Works personnel are experienced in the biotech industry and in protein purification. Bio-Works is located at Klövern Business Park site in Uppsala, Sweden.

Company processes follow a Quality management system (QMS) based on standards of ISO 9001:2008. Bio-Works leverages quality documents and support on request; technical support, certificates, statements, vendor audits and regulatory support information.

Bio-Works produces agarose based high performance products in industrial scale for uses in research and production within areas of Research & Laboratory, Life Science & Biopharma as well as Food & Beverage. If you are interested in our products and services, please contact us.

Proteins and other molecules can be chemically isolated from complex mixtures by liquid chromatography. In this process, small beads of a highly rigid adsorber are packed into a column. The beads are designed to specifically bind the molecule of interest in the sample solution under known conditions of for example pH or ionic strength. The sample solution is pumped through the column, and the molecule of interest binds to the beads. The remaining part of sample washes through the column. To recover the molecule of interest from the adsorber, a solution of differing pH or ionic strength is passed through the column. The molecule releases from the bead and is washed from the column and collected.

Agarose used as starting material is an inert, versatile, low cost and readily available natural material isolated from seaweed. It will not denature or in any other way harm the delicate biotechnology products that are purified. Many organic based resins have a negative effect on the product. Agarose media is fundamental to bio-separations and is widely used in this area. Specialist knowledge is required to produce beads with suitable size, rigidity and porosity and further derivatize and surface modifiy so that target molecule will bind in the capture process.

Experience and Vision

Bio-Works is uniquely experienced in the development, manufacture and sales of separation media, and in the geographical markets and segments the company focus in. The experience in our team cover the successful founding and growth of start-up companies, global and regional management within multinational companies, and the successful development, launch, and marketing of leading edge technology.

Intellectual Property and Know-How

The Bio-Works company has know-how and intellectual property to produce agarose-based beads for uses within research and industrial scale purification of proteins.

High Bead Rigidity

Rigidity of the agarose beads is important to avoid compression under high flow rates. Bio-Works cross-linking technology leverages high bead rigidity which allows very high flow rates. Large volumes of fluid may be processed economically.

Bio-Works patents

Bio-Works has patents covering improved agarose bead production methods.

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