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BabyBio IEX screening and peptide purification kits

A convenient way to establish conditions for ion exchange chromatography

Peptide purification just got a bit easier 

It’s sometimes a complicated process to find the optimal conditions for ion exchange purification of a new peptide or protein. Add to that the need to achieve the highest possible purity, and you may be at it for a long time.

So we’ve bundled together our most convenient and useful products to help you get results faster and easier.

The bundles include these products:

BabyBio™ S, BabyBio Q, BabyBio DEAE and BabyBio TREN are pre-packed, ready-to-use ion exchange chromatography columns for easy and convenient purification of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides by utilizing the difference in the surface charge of the target molecule.

BabyBio S works as a strong cation exchanger, BabyBio Q as a strong anion exchanger, BabyBio DEAE as a weak anion exchanger and BabyBio TREN is a multimodal anion exchanger.

The new products are:

BabyBio IEX Screening Kit includes one BabyBio 1 ml column of each of these four ion exchangers for screening of running conditions.

BabyBio Peptide Purification Kit is a bundle of BabyBio S 1 ml x 1 and BabyBio Q 1 ml x 1 for finding optimal conditions for highest peptide purity.

The columns are prepacked with WorkBeads™ 40S, WorkBeads 40Q, WorkBeads 40 DEAE and WorkBeads 40 TREN resins, and are also available separately in 5 ml BabyBio columns as well as in larger pack sizes for packing your own columns when scaling up.

Of course, all these resins give the outstanding purity and high binding capacity that you can expect from WorkBeads along with high flow rates to minimize process time. 

You can find many more details, specifications and ordering information in the data sheet. Download it now!

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