BabyBio A

BabyBio A™ ready to use mini columns available in 1 ml and 5 ml. Products allow quick, easy and convenient purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies.

  • Swifter purification of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies
  • Higher binding capacity and purity in one step
  • Simple and easy method giving reproducible results

BabyBio A columns are packed with WorkBeads Protein A medium. The medium is based on agarose from a cross-linking method that results in a highly porous and physically stable agarose matrix. Agarose matrices have successfully been used for many years in biotechnology research and in the industrial purification of proteins. Agarose is proven to be exceptionally compatible with natural biomolecules like proteins, DNA, carbohydrates etc. The material shows minimal non-specific interaction due to the hydrophilic nature of agarose.

Recombinant Protein A developed and produced by Mediacago is coupled to the matrix using a bromohydrin method. The coupling method gives high chemical stability and low ligand leakage. The recombinant protein A is produced in E. coli and is engineered to facilitate an oriented coupling giving a higher binding capacity. The specificity of the recombinant protein A for the Fc region of IgG provides excellent purification. No animal derived ingredients are used in the fermentation process or the purification of the protein. Each batch of protein A is tested, using QC methods for IgG binding (>90%), amino acid analysis of content (>85%), as well as for bacterial burden (<100 CFU/g). The high capacity, chemical stability and a established agarose base matrix makes BabyBio A ideal for purification of monoclonal antibodies.