BabyBio Dsalt

BabyBio Dsalt™ ready to use mini column available in 1 ml and 5 ml which allows quick, easy and convenient group separation of high and low molecular weight substances

  • Designed for swifter and efficient desalting and buffer exchange applications
  • Stronger, reproducible and easy to use column
  • Easy scaling-up, columns can be coupled in series

Proteins and other biomolecules differ greatly in size from salts and other small molecules. Size exclusion is an efficient technique to separates the components in high molecular weight substances and low molecular weight substances. The Mr cutoff is 5 000. Buffer exchange and desalting are common uses in laboratories working with purification and analysis, BabyBio Dsalt is excellent for this.

Buffer exchange or desalting of a sample can be used to prepare for mass spectroscopyanalysis, lyophilization and after certain procedures such as ion exchange chromatographyBabyBio Dsalt is a useful alternative to dialysis when larger sample volumes are used or when samples need to be processed rapidly to avoid degradation..