WorkBeads 40 SEC

WorkBeads™ 40/100 SEC, WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC & WorkBeads 40/10 000 SEC are high performance size exclusion chromatography media for laboratory and large scale separation of proteins. Made from agarose, well established and well-known in the biotech industry.

  • Excellent Resolution
  • Robust Separation Results Can be Achieved Across a Wide Range of Proteins & Conditions
  • Chemicall stable for Cleaning in place
All WorkBeads™ 40 SEC media are produced from agarose using a cross-linking method that results in a highly porous and physically stable agarose matrix. Agarose based matrices have been successfully used over decades in biotechnology research and in the industrial purification of proteins. Agarose is proven to be excellently compatible with natural biomolecules like proteins, DNA carbohydrates etc. The material shows minimal non-specific interaction due to hydrophilic nature of agarose. Unlike matrices made from synthetic polymers, agarose does not have micro pores that can contribute to local pH variations in the microenvironment in the column and distorted separations.

WorkBeads 40 SEC for Size Exclusion Chromatography has a high selectivity which means the protein peaks are well separated with greater distance from each other than comparable products made from synthetic polymers. This means that the media has capacity to separate proteins well even when using high proteins loadings.

Media description