WorkBeadsTM affimAb
BabyBioTM affimAb 1 ml and 5 ml columns

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Support material

Support materialArticle NoLink
Data Sheet: WorkBeads affimAb & BabyBio affimAbDS 40 800 010 AA
Instruction: WorkBeads affimAbIN 40 800 010 AA
Instruction: BabyBio affimAbIN 45 800 010 AA
Short Instruction: WorkBeads affimAb (included with the product)INS 40 800 010 AA
Poster: “Optimized purification of antibodies using a new high-capacity and alkaline stable protein A resin”PS 40 800 002 AA
Safety Data Sheet for WorkBeads affimAbSDS0052
Safety Data Sheet for BabyBio affimAbSDS0053
Regulatory Support FileN/A
Available in Jan-Feb 2019
Product presentation (external)
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