Activated resin

WorkBeads Activated resins enable successful, convenient immobilization of ligands without the need for complex syntheses or special equipment.

Activated resins

Activated resins for coupling your own ligands

WorkBeads ACT Group of 4

Pre-activated resin enables successful, convenient immobilization of ligands without the need for complex syntheses or special equipment. We have developed two different pre-activated resins where the bromohydrin active group reacts with thiol, amino and hydroxyl groups of the substance to be coupled. Two different resin porosities are available to facilitate optimized coupling of ligands of different sizes, or to optimize the prepared affinity resin for target molecules of different sizes.

Resin for coupling your own ligands:

  • Made from agarose, well established and well-known in the Biotechnology industry
  • Simple coupling procedures at ambient temperature
  • Stable at ambient temperature in aqueous solution and at neutral pH
  • Suitable for coupling of ligands containing sulphydryl, amino- or hydroxy group
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