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Our products are designed for several different types of biomolecules

Bio-Works Applications

We provide a wide range of specialized agarose-based chromatography resins, each one specifically engineered for purifying a particular type of biomolecule. From this page, using the buttons under each section, you can access documents describing in detail how our products can be used for each application.


The expression levels of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) in biopharma production are frequently up to 10g/L. Efficient production therefore often requires a capture step using chromatography resin with high binding capacities. WorkBeads Protein A is an agarose-based resin with high binding capacity and a competitive price.

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His-tagged proteins

Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) is used for purification of His-tagged proteins. It utilizes the affinity for binding of histidine to different metal ions such as Ni2+, Co2+, Zn2+ or Cu,2+ immobilized by chelating ligands on the chromatographic resin.

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It is often necessary to purify proteins from complex feeds using combinations of orthogonal separation methods to achieve the required purity. A good strategy is CEP: Capture – Enhance – Polish. WorkBeads resins are available for all different stages. In between steps there is often a need to remove unwanted compounds and salt and to adapt conductivity and pH for the next step. This can be done in minutes used BabyBio Desalt columns.

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Cation exchange chromatography is a useful technique for purification of many peptides. WorkBeads 40S, an agarose-based cation exchange resin, has proven to be an excellent tool for purification of therapeutic peptides from crude feeds following solid-phase synthesis or after recombinant expression, due to its high binding capacity and optimal flow pressure properties.

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The purity of custom-made oligonucleotide preparations produced by solid-phase synthesis can be very high but purification is often required to remove incomplete or erroneous sequences. Anion exchange chromatography is an attractive choice and WorkBeads 40Q has proven to be a superior chromatography resin giving high binding capacity and pure oligonucleotides.

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Viruses and vaccines

Size exclusion chromatography is a separation technique that is very useful when purifying vaccines and virus. The method is gentle towards the target molecules and different buffers and pH can easily be used. The vaccine or virus will pass through the column and elute earlier than smaller impurities.

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