Separation techniques

Find Bio-Works products according to the underlying chromatographic separation method


Ion exchange chromatography (IEX)

Our IEX resins are designed for optimal selectivity, resolution and high dynamic binding capacity. Ideal for proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides. WorkBeads provide excellent results for large peptides, particularly insulin.

  • Functional group alternatives: S, Q, DEAE, TREN
  • Product alternatives: WorkBeads 40Q, WorkBeads 100Q, WorkBeads 40S, WorkBeads 100S, WorkBeads 40 DEAE, WorkBeads 40 TREN, GoBio Mini Q, GoBio Mini S, GoBio Mini DEAE, GoBio Mini  TREN, OptioBio 40Q 10X100, OptioBio 40S 10x100

Immobilized metal ion affinity chromatography (IMAC)

We offer a wide range of IMAC resins for specific purification of His-tagged proteins. These resins provide high selectivity, purity and yield. In total there are eight different combinations of chelating ligands precharged with metal ions available for convenient purification optimization. We also offer uncharged NTA and IDA WorkBeads for customized metal interactions.
  • Product alternatives: WorkBeads NiMAC, GoBio Mini NiMAC, WorkBeads NTA and WorkBeads IDA uncharged, or pre-charged with Ni2+, Co2+, Cu2+, Zn2+

Affinity chromatography (AC)

WorkBeads Protein A is designed to give high purity and recovery of antibodies. The well-established agarose matrix has robust chemical stability and gives high binding capacity for both
monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. Our ACT resins offer reliable coupling chemistry and are ideal for coupling of specific custom designed resins.

  • Product alternatives: WorkBeads™ affimAb, WorkBeads Protein A, WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT, WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT, GoBio Mini affimAb, GoBio Mini A, GoBio Mini ACT

Desalting and buffer exchange

Our prepacked BabyBio Dsalt columns are designed for rapid and efficient desalting and buffer exchange of protein solutions. Rapid buffer exchange can rescue antibodies following low-pH
elution from a Protein A column.
  • Product alternatives: GoBio Mini Dsalt, WorkBeads Dsalt, WorkBeads 40/100 SEC

Size exclusion chromatography (SEC)

Our SEC resins are produced from agarose using a proprietary cross-linking method that results in a highly porous and physically stable agarose matrix.
Designed for size separation of a broad range of target molecules, including viruses and vaccines.

  • Product alternatives: WorkBeads 40/100 SEC, WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC, WorkBeads 40/10 000 SEC