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Purification made simple


Bio-Works proprietary agarose bead technology allows use of smaller beads, giving faster mass transport. Surface properties are also favorable for purifying hydrophobic proteins and peptides.


WorkBeads cross-linking gives more ‘walls’ in the beads and greater accessible surface area both for ligand coupling and target molecules. This favors both yield and purity of the target molecules.


WorkBeads are cross-linked with a shorter spacer, so the distance between ‘walls’ is shorter and the bead more rigid. Beads strength is increased and can withstand a higher linear flow rate, allowing a shorter process time.


Prepacked BabyBio columns are ideal for fast, convenient results in small scale purification. They allow easy screening or comparison of resins. The BabyBio IMAC screening kit enables choice of the best metal ion to purify your histidine-tagged protein.

Process Development

Prepacked OptioBio columns, with WorkBeads ion exchangers, give fast, reliable and reproducible method optimization in process development. Prepacked columns ensure high efficiency separation and scalable purification results.


WorkBeads advanced third-generation agarose resins are engineered to give optimal process efficiency. They are very robust with high selectivity and excellent binding capacity for superior economy.

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About Us

Bio-Works carries out R&D, manufacturing and supply of agarose-based resins used to separate proteins and other biomolecules. In this large and well-established area, our products stand out as innovative and cutting edge with exceptional performance. Bio-Works research, development and production facilities are located in Uppsala, Sweden at Klövern Business Park, an area well known worldwide for chromatography and separation technology. All products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical GMP plant.
  • Innovation

    The company designs, manufactures and supplies innovative cutting-edge products for purification and separation of biomolecules.


    Bio-Works is uniquely experienced in the development, manufacture and sales of separation media, and in the geographical markets that the company focuses in.


    Bio-Works has extensive know-how and intellectual property covering improved agarose bead production methods for uses within research and industrial scale purification of proteins.