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Would you like to achieve outstanding purity and high binding capacity along with high flow rates to minimize process time? WorkBeads agarose-based resins are manufactured using a proprietary method resulting in porous beads with tight size distribution and high mechanical stability. Whether you’re doing research or industrial scale purification there is a WorkBeads resin for your application. But don’t take our word for it – try them out!

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Bio-Works is the home of WorkBeads,™ innovative and advanced agarose-based chromatography resins for purification and separation. We supply the biopharmaceutical and biotech industry with WorkBeads resins for purification of a broad range of biomolecules. Our resins are used in research, process development and at manufacturing scale. They come packed into BabyBio or OptioBio columns, or in bulk.

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Our products stand out as innovative and cutting edge with exceptional performance.


Bio-Works proprietary agarose bead technology allows use of smaller beads, giving faster mass transport. Surface properties are also favorable for purifying hydrophobic proteins and peptides.


WorkBeads cross-linking gives more ‘walls’ in the beads and greater accessible surface area both for ligand coupling and target molecules. This favors both yield and purity of the target molecules.


WorkBeads are cross-linked with a shorter spacer, so the distance between ‘walls’ is shorter and the bead more rigid. Beads strength is increased and can withstand a higher linear flow rate, allowing a shorter process time.

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Try our new products WorkBeads NiMAC and WorkBeads Dsalt!

The nickel on our new WorkBeads NiMAC resin is attached so strongly you can purify large volumes of His-tagged proteins from sources containing chelating and reducing agents and not have to worry about Ni ion leakage. WorkBeads Dsalt resin is supplied pre-swollen for separations of high and low molecular weight substances and efficient desalting and/or buffer exchange.
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