GoBio Mini (BabyBio) columns

Rapid small scale purifications or condition screening

BabyBio-metal-screening-kit-1-ml-5-ml-16A_4751Rapid protein purification or screening of conditions

  • Ready-to-use 1 ml & 5 ml plastic columns
  • Use with a syringe, pump or chromatography system
  • Optimized column design
  • Innovative frit design – can handle less clarified samples
  • Prepacked with ~20 different WorkBeads™ resins
  • Screening kits available for optimizing His-tag protein purification
  • Easy scale up by combined coupling with up to 5 columns.

BA5A2677_M rez croppedProduct name change

Our baby is all grown up!

The BabyBioTM range of 1 mL and 5mL prepacked columns has now become part of the GoBio prepacked column family and is renamed GoBio Mini.

Nothing else has changed.

Same product, same performance, same exceptional WorkBeads resins inside