Desalting columns

WorkBeads Dsalt resin and the prepacked desalting columns are designed to enable quick and easy separations of high and low molecular weight substances.

WorkBeads Dsalt

Desalting columns that remove salts from protein samples easily

WorkBeads DsaltWorkBeads™ Dsalt resin enables efficient desalting and/or buffer exchange of proteins, large peptides and nucleic acids.

This resin is supplied pre-swollen, which is particularly convenient and time-saving when packing larger columns.

  • Designed for rapid and efficient desalting and/or buffer exchange
  • Group separation of high molecular weight substances from low molecular weight substances
  • Pre-swollen resin for significant time-saving
  • Easy scale-up


WorkBeads Dsalt resin can be used for buffer exchange or desalting to prepare a sample, e.g. before mass spectrometry analysis, lyophilization and before/after ion-exchange chromatography. The separation is convenient and very fast and is an excellent alternative to dialysis when samples need to be processed rapidly to avoid degradation. The chromatography format is also completely scalable up to production scale.


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