GoBio prepacked columns

Implement efficient downstream processing with GoBio prepacked columns that are convenient, disposable, and ready for use in standard chromatography systems.

GoBio™ prepacked columns

From laboratory-scale purification to large scale GMP manufacturing

Hand holding GoBio Minis

GoBio prepacked chromatography columns enable a linear scale-up from process validation to commercial and GMP manufacturing. They are highly scalable and can increase throughput and productivity. Prepacked columns enhance facility efficiency overall by converting column packing resources into productive operations and accelerating campaign turnaround time.

All WorkBeads resins, such as affinity, ion exchange, and hydrophobic interaction resins, are available in all GoBio column sizes. GoBio prepacked columns can be delivered in six different internal diameters (8 cm, 13 cm, 20 cm, 24 cm, and 33 cm) and bed heights between 10 cm and 60 cm. They are specifically designed to fit the specific experimental setup and required standards you need. From screening at the lab bench to large-scale production, they are an effective solution for obtaining consistent, reproducible results during downstream processing.

GoBio prepacked column family

GoBio prepacked column family is developed for convenient, reproducible, and fast results and includes columns with different sizes and formats.

  • GoBio Mini 1 mL and GoBio Mini 5 mL are used for small-scale purification and screening using a shorter packed bed.
  • GoBio Screen 7x100 (3.8 mL) is used for reproducible process development including fast and easy optimization of methods and parameters.
  • GoBio Prep 16x100 (20 mL) and GoBio Prep 26x100 (53 mL) are used for lab-scale purifications and scaling up.
  • GoBio Prep 16x600 (120 mL) and GoBio Prep 26x600 (320 mL) are used for preparative lab-scale size exclusion chromatography.
  • GoBio Prod 80x200 (1 L), GoBio Prod 130x200 (2.7 L), GoBio Prod 200x200 (6 L), GoBio Prod 240x200 (9 L) and GoBio Prod 330x250 (21.4 L) are used for production-scale purifications.

All of our prepacked ready-to-use columns offer more cost-effective solutions than the traditional “pack-in-place” glass or stainless steel columns.

WorkBeads give unbeatable results for biomolecule purification

WorkBeads are agarose-based chromatographic resins manufactured using a proprietary method that results in porous beads with tight size distribution and exceptional mechanical stability. Agarose-based matrices have been successfully used for decades in biotechnology purification, from research to production scale, due to their exceptional compatibility with biomolecules, including proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and carbohydrates. WorkBeads resins are designed for separations requiring optimal capacity and purity. 


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