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Screening Kits

BabyBio kits - fast and convenient set-up of resins and conditions

BabyBio Screening Kits


It’s sometimes a complicated process to find the optimal conditions for a new purification protocol. Add to that the need to achieve the highest possible purity, and it becomes quite time consuming.

So we’ve bundled together some of our most convenient and useful products to help you get results faster and easier.

BabyBio™ Peptide Purification Kit is a bundle of BabyBio S 1 ml x 1 and BabyBio Q 1 ml x 1 for finding optimal conditions for highest peptide purity. 

BabyBio IEX Screening Kit includes one BabyBio 1 ml column of each of four ion exchangers for screening of running conditions. The ion-exchanges are: BabyBio S, BabyBio Q, BabyBio DEAE and BabyBio TREN.



BabyBio-metal-screening-kit-1-ml-5-ml-16A_4751BabyBio His-tag Screening kits contain columns that are prepacked with cross-linked agarose based resin that can be used in the purification of proteins in biotechnology research and method development. The base matrix, WorkBeads,™ is highly porous to enable optimal protein interaction. The metal ion is immobilized on the media via a chelating ligand based on iminodiacetic acid (IDA) or nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA). The resin in the column then has either Ni2+, Co2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+ immobilized on it. 


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