About Bio-Works

Bio-Works design, develop, manufacture and supply innovative leading edge products for purification and separation of proteins or other molecules.

Bio-Works personnel are experienced in the biotech industry and in protein purification. Bio-Works is located at Klövern Business Park site in Uppsala, Sweden. All products are manufactured in a former pharmaceutical GMP plant.

Company processes follow a Quality Management System (QMS) based on standards of ISO 9001:2008 but will be upgraded to ISO 9001:2015 by the end of 2018. Bio-Works leverages quality documents and support on request; technical support, certificates, statements, vendor audits and regulatory support information.

From Stockholm to Uppsala

Since 2006, Bio-Works has helped customers with the process of separation of different biomolecules –  founded in Stockholm with four experienced leaders in the field of protein purification. Today, we have our site for production, research and sales in Fyrislund, Uppsala.

From Uppsala to the rest of the world

Uppsala is well associated with chromatography, and many of the Bio-Works Team have worked for Pharmacia and GE Healthcare and have a lot of passion and experience for protein purification.

Although our site is in Uppsala – we work with customers all over the globe by developing and manufacturing agarose based solutions for purification of peptides, enzymes, antibodies, and other bio-molecules.

Patented manufacturing method

Our “next generation resins” WorkBeads™ differ in the content of agarose, size range of the beads and pore size. By having our own patented manufacturing process – we are able to offer high quality agarose-based resins that allow the customers to lower their total production costs.

Diversified product portfolio

You can find optimized products for purification in several categories such as size exclusion, ion exchange and affinity purification. We also offer IMAC-screening kits in order to determine which resin is the most suitable for a certain His-tagged protein.

All products can be scaled up from small lab-samples to an industrial scale production. Our resins are available on bottle to pack your own columns – or pre-packed disposable columns or glass-columns ready for connection to your chromatography system.

Environmental focus

Bio-Works is actively working with sustainable development. We currently have a project in our pipeline with focus on making the production even more environmentally friendly.

We also put large focus on giving our customers great service, by offering help regarding research-projects, manufacturing and technical service. Bio-Works follows a quality management system follows the ISO 9001:2008 standard but plan to upgrade it to ISO 9001:2015 by the end of 2018.

Solid team

We actively work to promote equality, our team is dynamic, multi-national and with a range of experience since we believe that the best recipe for great service is a mixture of new innovative thinking together with long experience!


Grant Thornton Sweden AB (Box 7623, 103 94 Stockholm) is the Company auditor since 2016, with Micael Schultze as chief accountant auditor since 2016.

Micael Schultze, born 1959, is an authorized accountant and member of FAR, the trade association for auditors in Sweden.

Birgitta Woll Thunqvist (Koltrastvägen 4, 138 37 Älta) has examined Bio-Works accounts for the fiscal year 2015 and were the Company’s Auditor until the Annual General Meeting 2016. Birgitta Woll Thunqvist, born 1961, is Authorized Public Accountant and also a member of FAR, industry accosiation for auditors in Sweden.