About Bio-Works

Bio-Works carries out R&D, manufacturing and supply of agarose-based resins used to separate proteins and other biomolecules. In this large and well-established area, our products stand out as innovative and cutting edge with exceptional performance. They are used in academic research laboratories, biopharmaceutical companies and many more areas. Our staff are rich in experience within the life science industry and specialized in resins for separation and purification.

Bio-Works research, development and production facilities are located in Uppsala, Sweden at Klövern Business Park, in the heart of an area well known worldwide for chromatography and separation technology. All products are manufactured in a pharmaceutical GMP plant.

COVID-19 update from Bio-Works

Times are at present difficult and challenging, but Bio-Works want to assure everyone that we stay committed to keeping you informed about our efforts to ensure undisrupted operations and support to our customers.

Below we have tried to address some questions that may come up concerning our product and services, but if you have any issue that is not addressed please contact us at our Sweden head office via info@bio-works.com or Email your regular contact person at Bio-Works.

Bio-Works is taking measures to minimize spread

Maintaining customer support

  • Bio-Works is fully operational, and all functions are manned either from the headquarters or through remote operation.
  • Customer support is working as normal, please address your normal contact person or contact us at info@bio-works.com.

Product deliveries

  • Bio-Works is working closely with freight carriers in our logistics network. So far we neither see nor hear about any major hurdles in shipping our products, although minor delays can happen.
  • The company is mitigating risk of availability of raw materials and intermediates by carefully managing stock levels and assessing alternative sources.
  • We continuously monitor the situation and will implement measures as needed.

Bio-Works products are used in many important pharmaceutical processes, including vaccine production, so we will stay focused, with a high sense of urgency, to ensure that there is minimal impact for our customers and that they receive all the support needed.

The Bio-Works Team

Bio-Works in a nutshell. What we do and why we do it.

Medicines are expensive, and not everyone in the world has equal access to them.

At Bio-Works, our mission is to make important medicines available and accessible to everyone. That is why we provide the pharmaceuticals industry with tools that enable a more cost-effective pharmaceutical manufacturing, to help enhance people’s quality of life.

With extensive know-how and unique experience, we have designed innovative and cutting-edge products for purification and separation of proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides and other biomolecules.

Our high-quality third generation agarose-based resins are supplied in a broad product range for optimized use in research, process development and manufacturing. We deliver products with exceptional performance, and by enabling improved separation processes, in R&D as well as in manufacturing, we challenge the industry standards.

From Uppsala, Sweden – to the rest of the world.

We make purification simple.

During 2018, Bio-Works updated its quality management system according to the international standard ISO 9001: 2015. The system was fully introduced into the organization in January 2019 and Bio-Works has been audited and approved by an external certification organization. The standard is harmonized with EU regulations and certification endorses the company’s ability to provide products that consistently meet both customer requirements and applicable legal requirements.

Download the certificate here:

From Stockholm to Uppsala

Since 2006, Bio-Works has helped customers with the separation of biomolecules. The company was founded in Stockholm. Today, our site for production, research and sales is located in Fyrislund, Uppsala, a place strongly associated with chromatography.

From Uppsala to the rest of the world

Although our site is in Uppsala – we work with customers all over the globe, developing and manufacturing agarose-based solutions for purification of peptides, enzymes, antibodies, and other bio-molecules.

Patented manufacturing method

Our “next generation resins,” WorkBeads,™ vary in agarose content, size range of beads and pore size. Through our patented manufacturing process we are able to offer high quality agarose-based resins that allow our customers to lower their total production costs.

Diversified product portfolio

You can find optimized products for purification in several categories such as size exclusion, ion exchange and affinity purification. From small lab samples to industrial scale production. Our resins are available in bulk– or in pre-packed disposable or glass columns ready for connection to your chromatography system.

Environmental focus

Bio-Works actively works with sustainable development and we run projects continuously to improve the environmental impact of production. We put great focus on providing our customers with outstanding service and assistance with research projects, manufacturing and technical service.

Solid team

Bio-Works was founded by four leaders in protein purification and many of us have worked for Pharmacia and GE Healthcare. We have as much passion for protein purification as we have experience in this field. We actively promote equality, in a dynamic, multi-national team with a range of skills. We believe the best recipe for great service is a mixture of innovative thinking and long experience!

Our technology

Proteins for example, but also many other biomolecules, can be purified from complex mixtures in sample solutions using liquid chromatography. Small beads of a highly rigid adsorber beads (made of agarose) are packed into a column. The beads are designed to selectively bind the protein under specific chemical conditions. The sample solution is pumped through the column, and the protein of interest binds to the beads. The rest of the sample is washed through the column. To then recover the protein, a solution of different pH or ionic strength is passed through the column. The protein releases from the bead and is washed from the column and collected.

A similar approach is used to separate molecules based on size in which the physical structure of the beads allows certain sized molecules to pass through or be retained by the column. The beads can also be coated with various substances which will specifically bind a molecule of interest, allowing it to be separated from other molecules and purified or concentrated.

Agarose used as starting material is an inert, versatile, low cost and readily available natural material. It will not denature or in any other way harm the delicate biotechnology products that are purified. Agarose media is fundamental to bio-separations and widely used in this area. Specialist knowledge is required to produce beads with suitable size, rigidity and porosity and to further modify them so the target molecule will bind in the capture process.

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