Antibody purification

WorkBeads affinity chromatography resins, with their high binding capacities and alkali stability, are ideal purification methods of antibodies in screening and process-scale development. 

Chromatography methods for antibody purification

The expression levels of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) in biopharma production are constantly increasing and are now frequently up to 10 g/L. Efficient production therefore often requires a capture step using chromatography resins with high binding capacities over a short time and with efficient cleaning-in-place stability using NaOH up to 0.5 M. Protein A resins yield purities >90% using standard conditions without optimization, which often is enough for many lab scale purifications. Large-scale purification usually requires optimization of the washing and elution steps followed by one or more polishing purification steps using e.g. ion-exchange chromatography.

Our affinity chromatography resin, WorkBeads™ affimAb, is an optimized alkali-stable protein A resin designed for the purification of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) from laboratory to process scale. This high-capacity resin allows a higher purity of eluted mAbs from cell supernatants than the market-leading resin. 

WorkBeads give unbeatable results for antibody purification

High binding capacity

WorkBeads resins allow short residence times since they can bind more mAbs per mL of resin at a high flow rate than the market-leading resin.

High purity and yield

WorkBeads resins are designed to enable you to achieve high purity and yield during the separation and purification of your biomolecule.

Reproducible results

WorkBeads resins allow you to achieve improved reproducible results from small-scale purifications to large-scale GMP production.

Chromatography methods for antibody purification

WorkBeads resins deliver high-yield purification of antibodies


WorkBeads affimAb

Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) represent the largest and most progressive biopharmaceutical market. The mAbs used for clinical applications are subject to very high purity requirements, and there is, thus, a demand for more efficient and economical purification processes. Since mAbs are mainly used in therapy, their purity requirements are, therefore, extremely stringent. Today, the most widely used purification technique is affinity chromatography, and protein A resins are the products of choice for antibody capture. Protein A affinity chromatography techniques generate both high yield and high purity of antibodies in a single step. 

WorkBeads affimAb is an optimized alkali-stable protein A resin designed for the purification of monoclonal- and polyclonal antibodies in laboratory to process scale development. This resin has a superior base matrix in combination with an optimized alkali-stable protein A ligand. This results in high dynamic binding capacity also at short residence times, and stabile capacity over multiple purification cycles with cleaning-in-place using 0.5 M NaOH. Compared to the market-leading resin, this resin allows for higher purity of eluted mAbs from cell supernatants.

WorkBeads 40 TREN

Purification of antibodies from mammalian host cells, such as Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO), results in extensive bioburden on the protein A column. Chromatins, together with host cell proteins in general, cause damage to the protein A column. Regular cleaning-in-place (CIP) is mandatory in the purification process, but accumulative fouling of the column will still occur. The maximum lifetime of the protein A column is thus an important requirement. It would be desirable to add a purification step before the protein A purification step to reduce the components that constitute the worst threat and, in the process, improve the final purity of the target antibody. 

WorkBeads 40 TREN is a multimodal ion exchange chromatography (IEX) resin with a ligand (tris(2-aminoethyl)amine, TAEA) that is positively charged below pH 9. The resin has been demonstrated to be effective in the removal of impurities such as chromatin complexes (nucleic acid-protein complexes), endotoxins, and host cell proteins. We introduced WorkBeads 40 TREN upstream of WorkBeads affimAb in the flow scheme and used it in flow through mode to adsorb undesirable impurities while letting mAb pass through the column without binding.

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A novel protein A-based resin for optimized purification of antibodies

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Protection of protein A resins during mAb purifications


Improved key quality attributes of antibody purification processes


Efficient protection of protein A resins during mAb purifications


Optimized purification of antibodies using a new high-capacity and alkaline stable protein A resin

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