The expression levels of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) in biopharma production are frequently up to 10g/L. Efficient production is therefore often requires a capture step using chromatography resins with high binding capacities. WorkBeads Protein A is an agarose-based resin with high binding capacity and a competitive price.

Purity of >85-90% is generally obtained using standard conditions without optimization. WorkBeads Protein A thus does not require optimization for most research-scale applications. Demanding large-scale purification usually requires optimization of the washing and elution steps followed by one or more polishing purification steps using e.g. ion-exchange chromatography.

BabyBio A 1ml and BabyBio A 5ml are pre-packed columns with WorkBeads Protein A.  BabyBio A columns can be used for determination of expression levels and purification in research scale, or used for method development for bioprocess.

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WorkBeads Protein A – chromatography resin for antibody purification

A protein A-based resin for optimized purification of antibodies

BabyBio A – convenient pre-packed columns for antibody purification