It is often necessary to purify proteins from complex feeds using combinations of orthogonal separation methods to achieve the required purity. The purification strategy should be planned using knowledge of the required purity of the target protein for further usage. The higher the final purity, the lower the yield. A good strategy is CEP: Capture – Enhance – Polish. WorkBeads resins are available for all different stages. In between steps there is often a need to remove unwanted compounds and salt and to adapt conductivity and pH for the next step. This can be done in minutes used BabyBio Desalt columns. BabyBio columns come pre-packed with many different chromatographic resins and allow for fast and convenient start of purification without needing to pack the column.

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BabyBio IEX columns with excellent resolution and high capacities

Prepacked OptioBio columns for small-scale purifications and process development

Purification of lactoferrin from low-fat bovine milk by cation-exchange chromatography

Fast and efficient screening of binding conditions for cation-exchange chromatography

Desalting and buffer exchange of protein solutions