Viruses and vaccines

WorkBeads 40/100, 40/1000 and 40/10 000 SEC are a gentle method for purifying vaccines and viruses and different buffers and pH can easily be used

Size exclusion chromatography is a separation technique that is very useful when purifying vaccines and viruses. The method is gentle towards the target molecules and different buffers and pH can easily be used. The vaccine or virus will pass through the column and elute earlier compared to smaller impurities.

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Purification of animal viral vaccine from cell supernatants by size exclusion chromatography


There is a clear need for more efficient approaches for virus downstream processing. Chromatography is an alternative that offers automated and affordable purifications. Here we present a virus purification setup that produces purified virus at high yield and with high activity.

Application note

Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) is especially suited for biomolecules that are sensitive to, for example, pH, ionic strength, presence of metal ions, and temperature.  Choosing the most optimal resin for your target molecule not only depends on porosity or bead size but also on the application.