Custom resins

WorkBeads. Custom-made for you.

Chromatography resins tailored to your needs

We work with you to develop and produce a resin that fulfil your requirements regarding binding capacity, selectivity, and regulatory support  documentation. We give you the flexibility to choose your own ligand, one of our ligand, or a third party ligand. 

No project is too small or too big

Our offering includes an alternative storage solution with a new resin design, ranging from tens to hundreds of litres, available in bulk or prepacked column formats, and accompanied by all necessary regulatory support documentation.





A custom resin could provide better selectivity and specificity for your application, or it may in fact be the only way to achieve the required results. 


Achieve your desired results faster or with less material. This can save both time and resources, which can be especially important in industrial or high-throughput settings. 


Since custom resins are tailored to your process, they often come with improved purity and yield, which helps to reduce overall costs as you scale.