Annual Report 2022

Bio-Works' 2022 Annual Report highlights an impressive 89% sales growth and 94% increase in order intake, reflecting the company's ambitious expansion plans.

Strengthening our US market presence, launching new products, and investing in leadership development are key focuses. Discover how we're embracing the rapidly diversifying biotech industry, positioning ourselves as the industry's "tailor," and turning challenges into opportunities for continued success.

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About Bio-Works

Bio-Works, produces WorkBeadsTM chromatography resins for purification of peptides, proteins and other biomolecules.  The site for production, research and sales is located in Uppsala, Sweden. WorkBeads resins have a unique composition of porous beads with tight bead- and pore-size distribution giving outstanding purity, high binding capacity and high flow rates. They’re available in pre-packed formats or bulk and are used in small-scale research projects or large-scale industrial production. Bio-Works quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001. Bio-Works was founded in 2006 by four leaders in protein purification and has grown rapidly. We have as much passion for chromatographic purification as we have experience in this field.