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Annual Report 2023

Bio-Works' 2023 Annual Report describes the company's continued journey as it positions itself as the industry's preferred "tailor" of customized solutions, while implementing significant internal changes with the aim of creating an even more agile and focused organization that is adapted to prevailing market conditions. 

4 Reasons to invest in Bio-Works

An investment in Bio-Works allows participation in the expansive biotechnology sector but with a lower risk profile.
Bio-Works generates revenue in the early phases of a biotherapeutics' development, long before the approval of the drug substance.
There is a strong market demand for suppliers of chromatography resins who can offer alternatives to the few that have dominated the market for decades.
Bio-Works has the foundational cornerstones in place and is well-positioned for expansive growth without large investments in the near future.

Latest press release (in Swedish)

Bio-Works Technologies AB har godkänts för notering på Spotlight Stock Market inför planerad och fullt säkerställd företrädesemission

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Financial calendar

2024-08-23 Interim report 2024
2025-02-21 Year-end report 2024

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Investor relations

Arne Hauge

Chief Financial Officer, Bio-Works Technologies

Certified adviser

FNCA Sweden AB

Certified adviser, Bio-Works Technologies

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ESG Transparency Badge 2021 (Transparent)Bio-Works is a certified Nasdaq ESG Transparency Partner. This certification is used by Nasdaq to signal engagement in market transparency and in raising environmental standards. The Nasdaq ESG Matrix includes data points from Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance.