Bio-Works Product Catalogue

In Bio-Works Product Catalogue you will find a short presentation of the company. Bio-Works chromatography products are presented with specification data, applications and article numbers for easy ordering.

The different chromatography techniques are summarized as well as the target application areas for the different product groups. You also get information about the article numbers for Data Sheets and Instructions for each product.

You can also read more about, and order, resin by following the links below.

Size Exclusion Chromatography

separate by size or change buffer

Ion Exchange Chromatography

strong and weak ion exchange resins

IMAC resin

capturing His-tags or removing metal ions

Activated resin

couple your own ligands to our resin

OptioBio Glass Columns

for small scale ion-exchange

Affinity Chromatography

for monoclonal antibody purification

BabyBio Columns

ready-to-use columns of all our resins