Bio-Works adds distributor coverage in Croatia and Slovenia in deal with BIA d.o.o.

Bio-Works Technologies AB (Uppsala, Sweden) and BIA d.o.o. (Ljubljana, Slovenia) have signed a distribution agreement through which BIA will provide Bio-Works' next generation chromatography resins and prepacked columns to customers in Croatia and Slovenia. 

Bio-Works' patented resins, WorkBeads™, are well-suited not only for the purification of biological compounds at laboratory scale but also for biopharmaceuticals at large scale, including peptides and recombinant proteins. Bio-Works has a broad portfolio of resin technology, including immobilized affinity chromatography (IMAC), size exclusion chromatography (SEC), affinity chromatography (AC) and ion exchange (IEX) resins.

Rok Stravs, Director at BIA, commented on the agreement, "We are excited to work with Bio-Works to help our customers with top quality biochromatography resins. There are production and R&D sites of global biopharmaceutical players (e.g. Novartis, Pfizer) in Slovenia and Croatia where we see also interesting development in the field of therapeutic peptides. Therefore, Bio-Works' products are a perfect fit to our existing portfolio."

BIA Ltd. is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia and has been selling laboratory consumables and instruments to customers in the pharma industry and research organisations for more than 30 years. Their two most important fields of activity are chromatography and biotechnology.

Jonathan Royce, CEO of Bio-Works, said "We strongly believe that BIA is the right partner for BIo-Works in Croatia and Slovenia. These markets are rapidly growing, and BIA can provide local, high quality support to the pharma and biotech companies who are establishing research and production facilities here. BIA's has a long track record serving the biopharmaceutical industry, and their company values are well-aligned with Bio-Works' own beliefs of caring about and engaging with the customers that we serve." 

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