Bio-Works Technologies AB awarded Vinnova grant

Bio-Works Technologies AB has  been awarded  over 1.5M SEK by Vinnova, the Swedish grant authority, to develop an improved and environmentally sustainable process for the production of Bio-Works WorkBeads brand agarose separation media used in the purification of high value of proteins in the life science and food & beverage industries.
This process development project will allow for increased production capacity of the Bio-Works factory in Uppsala while improving the environmental profile of production through a bio-based emulsification method using vegetable oils.  This new bio-based emulsification process will also allow for greater innovation within the Bio-Works portfolio of agarose media products to better serve life science and food & beverage segments where the need for high quality and high yield protein separation is paramount.
”We are very pleased that Vinnova rewarded our innovative and environmentally sustainable approach to improving a key part our manufacturing process.  Our process development team has done excellent work in mapping a process that will allow us to grow quickly while reducing environmental impact and creating an improved factory work environment.” commented Kris Fain, CEO of Bio-Works.
Bio-Works will continue to drive innovation in biomolecule separation technology serving the biopharma, biotechnology and food & beverage industries.For more information, please contact
Kris Fain, CEO Bio-Works Technologies AB
Mobile +46 735 18 90 80

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