Zepteon, Inc., and Bio-Works Technologies AB Forge Strategic Distribution Partnership

Boston, MA / Uppsala, Sweden – In a significant move to expand their market reach and enhance the distribution of protein chromatography products, Zepteon, Inc., a leading innovator in the life sciences sector based in Boston, MA, has entered into a strategic distribution agreement with Bio-Works Technologies AB, a renowned supplier of chromatography resins. This collaboration, formalized in December 2023, marks a pivotal step towards leveraging the strengths of both companies to serve the life science industry more effectively.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bio-Works Technologies AB has been granted rights to import, store, distribute, market, and sell Zepteon's advanced Glycap-3A columns for the separation of non-fucosylated, bisected GlcNAc, IgG1 and IgG3 from complex antibody mixtures of monoclonal or polyclonal IgG. This partnership enables both entities to capitalize on Bio-Works' robust sales & distribution network and Zepteon's innovative product offerings, ensuring superior access and service to customers in the life science arena.


Austin Boesch, CEO of Zepteon, Inc., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "This agreement with Bio-Works Technologies AB represents a significant milestone in our mission to broaden the accessibility of our cutting-edge protein purification technologies. We are confident that Bio-Works' expertise in distribution within the biotechnology industry will amplify our reach and impact within critical markets."

Jonathan Royce, CEO of Bio-Works Technologies AB, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the mutual benefits of the agreement, "Our collaboration with Zepteon, Inc., is a testament to our commitment to bringing the most advanced and effective solutions to our customers. Zepteon's innovative products complement our portfolio perfectly, and we are excited to work together to meet the evolving needs of the life science industry."

With this partnership, Zepteon, Inc., and Bio-Works Technologies AB are set to make significant inroads in the life science market, delivering high-quality protein chromatography products to researchers and organizations across the United States and Europe. This strategic alignment is poised to not only enhance the operational capabilities of both companies but also drive innovation and progress in the life sciences industry.

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