Bio-Works launches two new resins: WorkBeads NiMAC and WorkBeads Dsalt

Bio-Works is constantly striving to develop new products that address customer needs and that are differentiated from existing products on the market. Today Bio-Works announces the launch of two new products, WorkBeads™ NiMAC with high resistance to reducing agents such as DTT and chelating substances such as EDTA, and WorkBeads Dsalt designed to enable quick and easy separations of high and low molecular weight substances.

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WorkBeads NiMAC resin is precharged with very strongly bound nickel ions, allowing purification of His-tagged proteins from sources such as eukaryotic cell extracts, that normally would cause significant nickel ion stripping from the resin. This reduces the need for sample pre-treatment, like removing components such as reducing and/or chelating agents. The resin provides high purity and high binding capacity, allowing for the use of high flow rates for minimized process time. The resin is also available in prepacked 1 ml and 5 ml BabyBio™ NiMAC columns.



WorkBeads Dsalt resin enables quick and easy separations of high and low molecular weight substances in applications such as efficient desalting and/or buffer exchange of proteins, large peptides and nucleic acids. WorkBeads Dsalt resin is supplied pre-swollen, which is particularly convenient and time saving when packing both small and larger columns. These products are a complement to the already available prepacked 1 ml and 5 ml BabyBio Dsalt columns, when larger sample volumes need to be desalted/buffer exchanged.


Jonathan Royce, CEO at Bio-Works:
”We are very happy to be able to supply customers with products that address current purification challenges. WorkBeads NiMAC provides a solution for customers that are using more complex cell expression systems when they produce proteins and WorkBeads Dsalt saves time compared to having to swell dry material before use. We are very satisfied to see that our resin platforms allow us to quickly introduce new products that make a difference in the hands of our customers.”

Read more about the products here: WorkBeads NiMAC. WorkBeads Dsalt

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