Interview with Slim Chiha of Prosion Therapeutics

 At the 2022 ACHEMA conference we had the pleasure of getting to talk to Slim Chiha, CEO and founder of Prosion Therapeutics who was participating in the Start-Up Challenge Award. 

PROSION is a Biotech and drug development company based in Germany that aims at making the undruggable druggable. Through a proprietary platform technology of LEGO-like chemical building blocks, they are able to develop new and effective drugs, targeting hard-to-treat diseases - starting with the most aggressive cancer forms.

Hear what Slim has to say about:

  • How he came to be working with Prosion
  • The challenges of scaling up drug candidates
  • The biggest development he's seen in the industry so far


About Slim Chiha

Slim has a Ph.D. in Chemistry and a special interest in drug development. He co-founded and is CEO of a biotech startup that holds the Seal of Excellence of the European Commission. Previously he has experience as a medicinal chemist in a publicly funded oncology project and trained at a global pharmaceutical company.







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