Trends and know-how in biotech and downstream purification.

Interview with Ryan MacDougall of Lonza

At BPI in Boston this September we were lucky enough to get to talk to Ryan MacDougall of Lonza and to hear about the BioPhorum group that he was representing at the conference.

Interview with Tom Ransohoff of Resilience

Another of the great meetings we had at BPI in Boston was with Tom Ransohoff of the biomanufacturing partner, Resilience and he told us something about their business and the changes he’s seen since...

Interview with Andrew Lees of FinaBio

At the BioProcess International in Boston 27-30 Sept we had the pleasure to talk to Andrew Lees, founder of Fina Biosolutions and to hear a little about their role in the field of vaccine development.

Interview with Jean Bender

At BPI Boston this year we were honored to talk to Jean Bender who has enormous experience in process development, antibodies and the industry in general.

Interview with Slim Chiha of Prosion Therapeutics

At the 2022 ACHEMA conference we had the pleasure of getting to talk to Slim Chiha, CEO and founder of Prosion Therapeutics who was participating in the Start-Up Challenge Award.

Interview with Wolfgang Winter on Pharma 4.0

We talked to Wolfgang Winter, Informatics Platform R&D Director at Agilent after his very interesting talk on the current status of Pharma 4.0 at the 2022 ACHEMA conference.