Interview with Wolfgang Winter on Pharma 4.0

We talked to Wolfgang Winter, Informatics Platform R&D Director at Agilent after his very interesting talk on the current status of Pharma 4.0 at the 2022 ACHEMA conference. 

Listen to the interview and get his quick answers to: 

  • What is Pharma 4.0 and where are we in its implementation at the current time?
  • How did the Covid pandemic change things
  • What does this mean to Agilent?

And some good advice on how to approach all of the many possibilities that new technologies present.


About Wolfgang Winter

Wolfgang Winter is the OpenLab Platform R&D Director in the Software & Informatics Division at Agilent, based in Waldbronn, Germany. He joined ISPE (The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering) in 2003 and currently co-leads the Pharma 4.0 Plug and Produce workgroup together with Josef Trapl (Takeda).  ISPE is a nonprofit association serving its Members by leading scientific, technical, and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle.







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